Pietanze d’Arte a Domicilio / Art Delivery at Home (Apulia, Italy)

During the Covid-19 restrictions for theatres and cultural centres, the project “Art Dishes Delivery” offered a delivery service of the artistic performances at home. The artist chosen from the proposed menu reached the public at home (garden or terrace – open space). It was possible to book a performance (theatre, music, poetry, dance) lasting up to fifteen minutes.

The proposals of the Asteria Space menu were available in the cities of Palo del Colle and Bitonto (Aoulia, Italy) every Friday from February 19th 2021.


ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE “ASTERIA SPACE” (Cultural association “ASTERIA SPACE”) is a private cultural centre for the artists belonging to five categories – theatre/dance, music, writing, visual arts, design). Founded in March 2019 by 3 local young people.

Asteria Space has an office and a small space for exhibitions and performances. Its mission is to promote Apulian talents on local and national level. The services of the association include: 

  • representing artists at festivals
  • consulting services for artists
  • presenting the artists to the press and to the professionals (critics, journalists, festival organisers, cultural center managers)


The project “Pietanze d’Arte a Domicilio” (Art Dishes at Home) is based on the idea of Ippolito Chiarello, an actor from Apulia, Southern Italy.  It offered a delivery service where the client could choose the artists from the menu proposed online. Aim of the project was to bring theater, dance and music back into everyone’s daily life, like any other essential good. The cost was 25 euro for a 15 minutes performance.

Different local performers were involved to the project: a sort of online service for ordering and delivering “meals” – the artistic performances. The artist reached the public at their home according to the reservation. The proposals of the menu were available for the cities of Palo del Colle and Bitonto (Apulia, Italy) from February 2021.

Major target group: Adults. Some of the performances were created for children as well.


The slogan of the project was “If people cannot go to the theater, concerts and dance shows, the theater, music and performances go to the people. At home from February 19th!”

The project was highly disseminated in local press and warmly accepted by local community. Even after re-opening of the theatres and cultural centres, the service remained available in summer 2021.


The project is organized by a small private cultural centre at the South of Italy. Private cultural sector has not sufficient support from the government during the Covid lockdown. This project permitted the organization and its collaborators to remain sustainable and to promote face-to-face activities during Covid restrictions.