Due to the corona crisis, almost all cultural heritage institutions have seen a huge decline in their visitor numbers. This concerns museums as well as galleries, archives, and libraries. How do we cope with this issue? How have others done, or tried?

CRISP offers an inventory of initiatives in the cultural heritage sector focusing on good practice. This research took place completely using online sources, but we have also interviewed those responsible. We were interested as much in practices that didn’t work as in those that did, as both will teach us important lessons going forward. We were especially – but by no means exclusively – interested in the experiences of adults that are facing economic, social, or health issues. Using four training activities, we discussed the outcome of our investigations and prepared conclusions.

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Header images by Nick Bolton, John Cameron, Keith Champaco, Anna Gru, Heather Morse, Noah, Isaac Quesada, and Serge Le Strat on Unsplash.