Georgy Litichevsky, Hypothetical Dances (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Georgy Litichevsky’s Hypothetical Dances is a notebook of autonomous educational action for parents and children. The notebooks are aimed at families and offer online a variety of activities for different ages of children and young people, while everyone can use them at will depending on their interests. The notebooks were organized based on material from the permanent collections and exhibitions of the bodies that make up MOMus in recent years, were updated based on the new conditions and are now ready to use in the air!


The Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki – MOMus was born from the merger of four Thessaloniki-based museums/art venues (the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography and the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki) and the Athens-based Museum Alex Mylona. MOMus is a Legal Entity of Private Law based in Thessaloniki and is under the oversight of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports. The legal status, organizational goals, administration and structure of the institution, and all matters pertaining to its management and operation, are described in the law establishing MOMus (Law 4572/2018).

The founding of MOMus followed a years-long period of concentrated effort, driven by the steadfast, shared ambition of creating synergies and setting common goals for the promotion of contemporary Greek culture at the local, national and international level.

The goals of the Institution are the following:

  • The dynamic development and promotion of visual arts, photography and industrial and architectural design.
  • The dynamic promotion of art education.
  • The dynamic development of historical and scientific studies and research.
  • Providing support to experimental and alternative art initiatives.


The educational activities notebook “Georgy Litichevsky – Hypothetical dances” was made to accompany the excursions of young and old in the exhibition of the same name held at the Contemporary Art Museum (November 2016 – February 2017).

Using easy materials, young and old travel to the special world of comics suggested by the artist with companions – among others – Konstantinos Cavafy, Anton Chekhov, hypothetical portraits in paper mirrors, hula hoop games, internet searches or browsing Baron Minhausen.

During the quarantine period the notebook took electronic form and was offered free of charge to those interested through the MOMus website through a variety of actions for different ages. It is important that these activities aimed to enhance the quality of time between children and parents but also to bring the public in contact with contemporary art through an original idea.

Various departments of the Foundation (communication and development department, planning and production department, graphic design department) worked to implement the program.


Combining creative activities as well as information about Georgi Liticevsky’s work, MOMus offers a complete user experience, based on material from its permanent collections and exhibitions.

In this way, the Museum managed to maintain the interest of its visitors even from afar but also to remain active during the quarantine, while gaining new relationships with the public in various parts of Greece and abroad, and therefore future visitors. At the same time, this activity also served as an advertisement for the organization.


MOMUS has created an e-book that was offered free of charge to anyone interested, offering creative ideas and activities as well as information about a contemporary artist.




Header photograph

NikeNik79 on Wikimedia Commons.